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67 Mustang Restomod

On these pages you will find some modifications I have done to my 67 Mustang Coupe. I originally started out doing an all original restoration. Along the way I decided that didn't make much sense because the car was not original to start with, so I decide to make it fun instead.

Feel free to get ideas from the modifications I have done. If you use these mods in part or in full, you do so at your own risk.

Some mods to date,

On The Road

Center Console


Tremec 5 speed with home grown hydraulic clutch

Borgeson power steering

Late model front seat conversion

Subframe Connectors

Body Work

Rear disc brakes

Front Suspension

Mild build 289 - Weiand Stealth intake, Powerjection III TBI, AFR 165 heads, Comp Cams xe262, Hooker comp headers, Magna Flow 2.5 " exhaust.

9" rear with True Trak diff, 3.89 gears

Any questions on this project?
Contact joelp at this sites name