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I originally installed the Tremec 5 speed with a clutch cable setup. This ended up being totally unsatisfactory. With the headers installed, the cable was getting toasted. I was going to buy a hydraulic setup, but they ended up being too expensive and hard to find in stock. So I decided to grow my own. After finding a couple other how too's on the web, I came up with what I wanted to do

To make this setup I used the following parts,

CNC 711 - 3/4" master cylinder
CNC 305-B slave cylinder

I fabricated my own mounts

I made my mounts so that the clutch pre load would be easy to set. A return spring was not needed because the throwout bearing is always in contact so things are returned by the pressure plate.


Here are the slave cylinder, U shaped bracket, master mount and master cylinder ready to go.

Can't find the image I took of the master mount in progress.

Engine compartment view of the master mount in place. I took advantage og the fact that my speedo is electric and no longer has the cable coming in. I was able to make the mount larger, giving a little more support to the firewall.

Master cylinder mounted up to firewall

Here's what the slave looks like all bolted up.
Master connected to clutch pedal. I welded on an extension which also gave the offset I needed. No weird angles for the master pushrod. You should be able to keep the same geometry and not interfer with a speedo cable.
Slave mounting parts.

U-shaped part bolt to transmission.

Slotted part gets slave mounted to it and slides on U-shaped part to adjust clutch preload.

I bent up a piece of steel brake line to use to hook up the master to the fluid reservoir. I originally used some rubber hose that I looped over the brake booster. I think this is much better.


Here is the view with the brake booster in place.

Also a sneak peek of the Borgeson steering gear mod I'm doing.

Mustang Home

Here's what it all looks like together. I will make a little bracket to hold the pressure line where I want it.

I like the way it turned out and the way the clutch works. Having done the clutch cable as well, I can say I much prefer this setup. Wish I never poked the holes and pounded in the lower cowl like I had to to make the cable work.
Master cylinder next to booster. It's close but not too bad.