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67 Mustang Restomod

I got most of the interior in. I still need to re upholster the seats and finish the center console. I now have the vinyl I'm going to cover the console with so hopefully it will get finished soon.



OK, Not really an interior shot, but I'll use it to start the sequence

I used MP products door panels instead of stock repros. I just wanted to try something different

The stainless inserts are held on with sticky tape. It was 100 degrees out when I put them on and there was no way they were staying. I decided to run some stainless screws through them. I don't mind it.

The center console will be covered with a dark blue vinyl. I'm going to try brushed aluminum down the middle like the other Cobra clones

The seats will be a dark blue leather with a medium blue micro suede center.

The interior metal was supposed to be the Ford medium blue. I mixed up what left over paint I had and it got painted the exterior color instead.

I had a headliner made out of a velour material. It went in OK. I goofed a bit at the lower sail area.

Mustang Home