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Front Suspension

I was going to install a MustangII type of front suspension. After a lot of research I decided to do a coil over front suspension instead. I looked at all the various options and considered the use of the car and decided on the set sold by Stang-Aholics. This ended up being the Aeroform unit. The price was right and it seems OK.

The front end arrived in two boxes

Each box contained multiple other boxes and packing material
The shock is a QA1 single adjustable. Different from the double adjustable shown on the websites. This probably makes more sense for the majority of folks

The springs supplied for a small block are 12" 500lb springs. Nice satin finish

Lower control arms. Note that the rod end is a screw in type. The ball joints are also the screw in type instead of riveted or bolt on.
Upper control arm. Also used a screw in ball joint

Strut rod. Notice that it uses a rod end instead of a ball socket as shown on the sales websites.

One cost cutter that was annoying was the paper template to relocate the upper arm instead of suppling a metal jig.

The installation was pretty strait forward but I did need to get more spacers. What came with the kit was not adequate.

The old suspension


The old parts all removed. I still need to drill the new mounting holes ( the 1" drop mod ).



The kit comes with spaces to put on the ball joint studs so that the nut will be in range of the hole. Spacers were not tall enough. I bought a handfull of hardened washers to shim things up.


Spring in place. Kit came with a 500lb spring. Too stiff for my car. At some point I will replace it with a 350 - 400lb.


Here you can see the spacers I added to the ball joint studs. Also note that with the front end unloaded, the spring hits the upper control arm. I may make a slight modification to the bottom mount to address this.



Suspension parts nice and clean. Car hasnt been driven yet. The upper control arm and strut rod go in without any issues. The lower control arm needs more spacers to fit in the pocket.

All in all I am happy with the way the suspension is working. The kit is not as refined as it could be but was enough cheaper that it was worth the minor adjustments I had to make.