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Part of my 67 restoration was to do a rack and pinion steering installation. I thought the kits were a little too pricey for what they are. I also looked at various MII IFS kits for the car. Was a heart beat away from buying one of those when I ran across the Borgeson steering gear. This looked a lot more interesting to me. So I took the plunge and ordered one up. I bought just the steering gear and the hoses and did the rest on my own.


Steering box trial fitted to the frame. Bolts up to the same mounting holes as the original. I put washers between the steering gear and frame rail. This mimics the original gear and solved a minor fitment issue to boot.


I choose not to use the power center link and manual adapter. I bought a manual center link, pitman arm, and idler arm.

I cut 3 3/4 inch off my shaft and had to grind a new flat in it. I have a stock 67 tilt wheel. Make sure you measure for your own installation if you do this.

One thing that was interesting here is that the steering shaft is a slightly larger diameter above the original flat. So when I cut the
3 3/4 inches off the shaft I had to reduce the diameter a bit. Almost just entailed grinding the surface rust off and cleaning up with a file. The ragjoint would not fit without doing this. Not hard, but go slow.

I bought the borgeson 1/2 rag joint for the steering gear end and used the other half of my original rag joint.

What it looks like all hooked up.

Back of the pump. The pump I bough had the return connection in a bad spot. I cut it off and siver soldered in a strait connector on the back of the tank. Not 100% optimal, but works fine.

I used the original mounting bracket. I had to oblong the holes at each end of the fork and drill a new one. There was a rib cast in near where the new hole goes. I filled the area with JB weld and filed it flat with the top surface of the bracket. Ended up nice and solid.
Power steering pump installed. Not near as deep as the original
 I bought a rebuilt Saginaw pump from a 94 E150 van and modified my stock P/S mounting bracket to fit it. I had to make an adapter to go from the Saginaws O ring fitting to the P/S hose flare fitting.

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