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67 Mustang Restomod

Now work in underway on the center console. My original plan was to do the center with a brushed aluminum, but for now it will be vinyl.


Here is the original mock up. I am making the new one 1/2" taller on the arm rest as well as a 1/2" wider at the rear.

Here I'm tracing the rear portion of the old console onto the new side. Because the rear is 1/2 inch wider I am dropping the sides down a bit.

Here is the front being traced onto the new side

Here are all the pieces that make up the main part of the console. Missing are the arm rest and center floor

Here are the sides cut out and being test fitted in the car. When the console is done, that last blob of wires will be bundled with a connector for the console electrics.

Here is a side cut out with aluminum angle for the mounting brackets installed.

Here things are being tested. There is the new rear bulkhead which is 1/2 inch wider than the original and the original center and front bulkheads, just haven't cut out the new ones yet.


Here is one of the sides with batting applied to it. Gives the sides a little padding.
Here is the side with the vinyl applied. I learned that I'm not great at upholstery. There are a couple of holes that show where I didn't stretch the vinyl properly. I will just cut out some scrap vinyl and fill the holes. For now I'm just getting the structure done.

Getting closer

Here is the console as it is so far in the car. You can see one of the little holes by the AC switch. The front bulkhead also has the cutouts behind the vinyl for a vacuum gauge, instrument dimmer, and washer switch. I'll cut the vinyl out as I install those parts. I will also add two cup holders at the rear of the console. Once I find some cup inserts I will decide if they will be staggered or not.

Arm rest completed. Still need to decide on a rear hinge or side hinge.


So, I still need to cut holes in the center bulkhead for the window switches. There will also be two window switches in the rear bulkhead for the back windows. I will also make up a shifter boot with an aluminum bezel around it.What you see so far is two days work.


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