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I have a new hobby/fascination/obsession!!!
(Like I needed something new, right?)

These are called "Temari Balls" or "Japanese Thread Balls".

They are incredibly beautiful -- and really quite easy to do!!

Here are my first two attempts:
(These are just a bit larger than 3" diameter.)
(Click on a picture to see a larger version then use your "back" button to return here.)

  tem1_1.JPG (482769 bytes)    tem2_1.JPG (308170 bytes)   

    tem1a2_1.JPG (309052 bytes)     tem1a2_3.JPG (177955 bytes)

Here are the next two attempts - and then a picture of all four displayed together:

tem3_1.JPG (139138 bytes)

  tem4_2.JPG (75853 bytes)  tem4_3.JPG (105880 bytes)

tem4_4.JPG (100351 bytes)  temm4_1.JPG (80872 bytes)

tem_4.JPG (216372 bytes)

And here are a few links for you to see how incredible Temari Balls are 
when done by people who actually know what they are doing.
Here you will also find some history of this beautiful art form.

To return here when you are done, just close the new window that will open.

http://members.aol.com/ssummer/Page1.html (incredible pictures!)


http://www.nwanet.com/temari1.htm  (follow the links through the pages
to page 2 and page 3)



I will keep you posted on my progress as I learn more.
At the moment I am having visions of incredible things being done with
a combo of traditional Temari, and ribbon embroidery...

As with everything else on this web site,
I am available for questions and comments...
                    Email Nancy