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Here are a few samples of my ribbon work.  
All my designs are originals.

To see a more detailed picture click on any of the
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The most recent projects:

These two blouses were Christmas presents:

c_embmar5j.jpg (7306 bytes)  C_embmar7j.jpg (10730 bytes)

c_embmich2j.jpg (5988 bytes)  c_embmich6j.jpg (5631 bytes)


The dress below was has a short story behind it.  A wonderful friend of
my Mom's had this dress made to wear to her 80th (!) birthday party.
She wore it before the party and, unfortunately, oily salad dressing
splashed down the front of the dress.   She took the dress (which is shantung
silk) to the dry cleaner.  They ruined it further - leaving pale pink rings around the stains!
When this wonderful lady saw my Mom's embroidered blouse (the gray ultra-suede
shown later on this page) she asked if I could "fix" her dress.  Luckily for me,
 there was a matching scarf!  I simply embroidered on the scarf and then 
made a hook and loop wrap to secure it.  The weight of the embroidery keeps 
the scarf in place and you would never know the dress is ruined underneath!

The dress:           The scarf:

dress4j.jpg (20339 bytes)                 dress10j.jpg (66629 bytes)


This next blouse was also a commissioned project.  The blouse is
a very pretty gray brown textured fabric.

c_embnona6j.jpg (19588 bytes) 


 c_embnona3j.jpg (27883 bytes)      c_embnona2j.jpg (22326 bytes)


This next project isn't ribbon embroidery, but it took a bit of time
and I am pleased with  the outcome, so I decided to share it here!
It is an advent calendar I made for Joel's niece and nephew.  It started as
a felt kit from Bucilla™.  But I have trouble following directions so I altered
their design!  I am hoping it will provide the kids many years of fun, counting
down the days 'til Santa arrives!

c_adv6j.jpg (76461 bytes)    


c_adv7j.jpg (28298 bytes)     c_adv4j.jpg (33475 bytes)


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I have a great secret:  Ribbon Embroidery is incredibly easy to do!!
I'd love to help you learn or answer any questions you might have!
Just email me!

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